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To ensure the UNii fits seamlessly with today’s security demands, we have listened carefully to the end users and installers in the market. As a result features were added to the UNii to make it easier to use and install. Features like the use of an app, being able to program the intrusion detection system online and convenient design features that make the installation process easier.

Stay informed, always, and everywhere!
With mySmartControl, your customer has complete control over the UNii. For example, the user can arm or disarm the system remotely and users receive a push message on their smartphone immediately in case of an event. In this way, everyone is informed immediately, and appropriate actions can be taken. Does your customer have several business premises or a house and a vacation home? If so, they can all be controlled from mySmartControl.

App van uniisecurity

Always the right spare parts
The UNii uses a single hardware platform that can be fully customized to the needs of the project through licensing. No worries about having the right system in stock for new installations or service parts for the technician. The UNii can be used anywhere. Every UNii mainboard can also be used for service everywhere. That saves time and money!

Hardware unii

Safety in a modern design
The user-friendliness, safety, and concept of the UNii intrusion system are excellently reflected in the UNii keypad. The intuitive design ensures easy operation. For optimum security, the built-in tag reader in the keypad is equipped with DESFire EV2 technology: the safest reading principle on the market. The black or white color allows the keypad to be used in any project. An excellent combination of modern design and optimal security.

Keypad unii

Convenient installation
By developing the UNii together with installers in the market, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to install the system and products. For example, the back plate of the UNii keypad fits exactly over a standard flush-mounted outlet box and there is a cable entry at the back, top and bottom of the housing. All to make the installation process as easy as possible.

Ease of installation

Easy to use
For a quick installation, user-friendliness is an important factor. That is why we have made our configuration software as easy as possible, both during installation and maintenance or service. Clear screens guide you through the system step by step. In this way, a system is ready for use in no time at all.

User friendly unii

Optimum security
To be able to cater for all applications and locations, the UNii is Grade 3 certified. This means that you can use the UNii in the most demanding projects. By installing the UNii redundantly you can add an extra layer of safety. The system then continues to operate as usual in the event of a malfunction, failure, or maintenance.

Grade 3

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The innovation in intrusion detection and access control. We are proud to present UNii. A complete portfolio of a central alarm system, keypad, bus components and detection.

We paid a lot of attention to the simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance.
The modular structure makes the system perfectly suitable for every situation. Discover the innovation that offers major benefits for both the installer and end user.

What service do we offer you?

At Alphatronics we support our customers wherever possible. We offer promotional materials and give you the possibility to follow our online training courses anytime and anywhere. This way everyone always stays up to date with the latest developments of the UNii system.


Free E-learning

Through our UNiiversity you and your employees can follow the latest online training courses anywhere and anytime to stay up-to-date. Training was never easier and more efficient, train yourself when new features are released, so that you always have the right knowledge. Access is free and available 24/7.


Promotional material

To support you as much as possible, we offer various promotional materials. You can use these to convince and inform your customers. In this way you can focus on the installation instead of the promotion of the UNii.

Made in Holland

It’s our own product which is designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. The best quality, service and support. Any question can be answered because we developed it ourselves. A product that fits perfectly to your local needs or regulation. Additional functionality needed? Tell us, we’re open for new features.

Application possibilities

Our UNii intrusion system is a modular security solution suitable for any location and environment. From securing a residential home to controlling intrusion detection and access control in a courthouse: thanks to the versatility of the UNii, it can be applied to any project. In addition, the user-friendliness of the system ensures that the UNii can be easily operated by any user.

Projecten Unii

A home should be a safe place. A place to live, to play and to receive friends and family. For that safety, the UNii can play an important role. Aesthetically designed and invisible in the places where it should be, sensors for the detection of movement, smoke and water leaks ensure a safe living environment. Professional security that excels in simple operation.

Zakelijk uniisecurity

A safe working environment is essential for the functioning of a company. This is where the UNii can play a major role. Modernly designed and invisible on the shop floor or in the office, sensors for the detection of movement, smoke and water leakage ensure a safer workplace. The operation of the keypad is intuitive and simple. This allows employees to operate the system without worry.

Projecten bij Uni security

Projects are often characterized by their size or complexity and require a dynamic security system to meet the risks, scope, and requirements of the users. The modular design makes the UNii very suitable for use in large projects. In addition, when expanded, the existing hardware can continue to be used, which ensures lower costs for your customer.

Hoog risico

Sometimes standard security is not enough. Personal safety, continuity or financial impact may require security that can be tailored to a specific situation. This is where the UNii philosophy fits in; a modular solution that can be deployed for the highest risks and is always available.

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UNii features

UNii Manager & UNii online

  • Easy in use

  • Hidden explanation of menu options

  • Modern design

  • Clear structure

  • Offline programming with UNii manager

  • Online programming with UNii online

  • UNii online and manager have the same user interface

  • Multilingual
  • Automatic updates (software and bus components)

  • End user version available

Configuration software should be as simple as possible. Both during the commissioning of an installation and during maintenance or service. The UNii manager was designed for this. Clear screens guide the technician step by step through the system. Options are explained with a simple click.

Just like the UNii, the UNii manager is multilingual and can be set per user. Limited options are available for the end user. For example, users can be created or the log can be viewed. The software is available for free and suitable for Windows 32 and 64 bits.

UNii online is the cloud version of UNii manager. With this cloud service the UNii can be reached remotely. Because the UNii manager and UNii online use the same graphical user interface (GUI) it’s very efficient and easy to use. UNii online can be used by the installer and the end-user.

  • Brand independent

  • For Residences and Businesses

  • Works perfectly with any commonly used Smartphone

mySmartControl allows you to remotely control your security installation. Instantly receive a message in case of an alarm. Forgot to switch on? No problem, use the handy app to easily check your system’s status and then switch it on. The multilingual app is available for iOS and Android.

But there’s even more….: soon this app will be further expanded with alarm verification, tablet layout, messaging and smartwatch support, amongst others. So, keep an eye on the site!

For home and at work

mySmartControl is suitable for your alarm system at home and at your work. The app allows you to manage multiple locations. This makes it easy to operate the alarm system at home, in the office or e.g. at your sports club and receive alarm notifications.


mySmartControl offers installers to have recurring revenue by selling subscriptions for additional services. There is even a adjustable enterprise subscription for multi-site customers. Contact us for the benefits.


The mySmartControl app is currently suitable for the iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Multiple smartphone users can be registered to each mySmartControl account. This allows everybody to receive a notification in case of an alarm.