A modular security solution suited for every location and environment

UNii features

  • The innovation for intrusion detection and access control

  • The UNii is modular expandable

  • Automatic detection of bus components

  • Modular security for every situation

UNii Manager & UNii online

  • Easy in use

  • Hidden explanation of menu options

  • Modern design

  • Clear structure

  • Offline programming with UNii manager

  • Online programming with UNii online

  • UNii online and manager have the same user interface

  • Multilingual
  • Automatic updates (software and bus components)

  • End user version available

Configuration software should be as simple as possible. Both during the commissioning of an installation and during maintenance or service. The UNii manager was designed for this. Clear screens guide the technician step by step through the system. Options are explained with a simple click.

Just like the UNii, the UNii manager is multilingual and can be set per user. Limited options are available for the end user. For example, users can be created or the log can be viewed. The software is available for free and suitable for Windows 32 and 64 bits.

UNii online is the cloud version of UNii manager. With this cloud service the UNii can be reached remotely. Because the UNii manager and UNii online use the same graphical user interface (GUI) it’s very efficient and easy to use. UNii online can be used by the installer and the end-user.

  • Brand independent

  • For Residences and Businesses

  • Works perfectly with any commonly used Smartphone

mySmartControl allows you to remotely control your security installation. Instantly receive a message in case of an alarm. Forgot to switch on? No problem, use the handy app to easily check your system’s status and then switch it on. The multilingual app is available for iOS and Android.

But there’s even more….: soon this app will be further expanded with alarm verification, tablet layout, messaging and smartwatch support, amongst others. So, keep an eye on the site!

For home and at work

mySmartControl is suitable for your alarm system at home and at your work. The app allows you to manage multiple locations. This makes it easy to operate the alarm system at home, in the office or e.g. at your sports club and receive alarm notifications.


mySmartControl offers installers to have recurring revenue by selling subscriptions for additional services. There is even a adjustable enterprise subscription for multi-site customers. Contact us for the benefits.


The mySmartControl app is currently suitable for the iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Multiple smartphone users can be registered to each mySmartControl account. This allows everybody to receive a notification in case of an alarm.