UNii Central Alarmpanel

  • Modular Grade 3 alarm system based on one hardware platform
  • 8 standard inputs, expandable up to 512 inputs
  • Up to 64 wireless detectors (Grade 2)
  • 16 keypads, 32 zones, 16 access readers, 2,000 users
  • Automatic detection of bus components
  • Safe DESFire EV2 access reader
  • Language selectable per user
  • Integrated IP communicator with optional GPRS backup
  • 2nd RS 485 bus
  • Redundant configuration for high security
  • Alarm panels can be linked in clusters
  • Operation with mySmartControl app (iOS and Android)
  • Developed, manufactured and supported in the Netherlands

UNii Central Alarmpanel

UNii is a hybrid system, which can be used with both wired and wireless detectors. UNii is available in versions for 32, 128 or 512 inputs. The alarm panel is based on one hardware platform, which makes it possible to upgrade the number of inputs from 32 to 128 or 512 without having to replace the hardware.

By default, the alarm panel is equipped with 8 inputs and can be easily expanded up to 32. In many ways, the UNii is modular: an additional RS-485 bus, redundancy, linking alarm panels in clusters of up to 4,096 inputs, backup notification via 4G, etc.


UNii is characterised in particular by its modular structure. With one hardware, it is possible to adapt the alarm system to the wishes of the customer. For example, inputs can easily be expanded to 128 or 512 inputs and various modules can be added to the configuration. Additional functions such as redundancy, clusters or specific integrations can be added by means of licenses.


An alarm system does not have to be complicated. The UNii is designed so that it can be installed in a short space of time. The unique housing makes it possible to install it over (existing) pipe routes. The bus components are automatically recognised so that the setting of addresses is omitted. Programming is simple with UNii manager software. A UNii control unit can also be managed remotely from the browser with UNii online.

But there is more

The standard alarm control panel can be linked to a second panel, so the installation has redundancy. In the event of a fault in the bus line, both panels take over the remaining part of the bus. If one alarm control panel fails, the other takes over the entire configuration. 100% security, based on the same hardware.

Need more than 512 inputs? Then place the alarm control panel in a cluster that behaves as one system.

UNii Alarmpanel
EOL resistors: Selectable per zone
Outputs: Standard: 2x Relay, 2x OC, Expansion: 4
relay of 4 OC (200mA)
Dialer: Standard: IP, optional 4G
Protocol IP/4G: SIA IP DC09, SEC IP 2.0
App: mySmartControl
Programming: Freely programmable via UNii manager
Weight: 5480 g
Dimensions of metal casing: 400 x 255 x 120 mm (LxWxH)
Power supply: 230V-18VAC@2,77A, toroidal transformer
Maximum capacity of
12V, 12AH
Certification: EN50131 (Grade 3)

Ordering Information

004600 UNii Central Alarmpanel 32 zones
004602 UNii Central Alarmpanel 128 zones
004604 UNii Central Alarmpanel 512 zones

Extra Modules

All extension modules for inputs, open collector and relays are universally designed and can therefore be used in both the UNii control panel and the I/O module. This gives you a suitable solution for every conceivable situation and always the right print ready and it prevents unnecessary stock of different components. Flexible design, expandability, efficient and cost effective for you as an installer!

UNii input module

  • 8 zones
  • Print including cable
  • Applicable to UNii central and UNii I/O module
  • Approval: EN50131 (Grade 3)

UNii output module

  • 4 relais of OC outputs
  • Print including cable
  • Applicable to UNii central and UNii I/O module
  • Approval: EN50131 (Grade 3)

UNii output expansion print 4 OC

  • 4 open collector (o.c.) outputs 200mA
  • Can be connected to UNii central and / or UNii I/O module including power supply by means of supplied ribbon cable (item no. 004660)
  • Maximum 1 pieces to be connected per central or I/O module
  • Not to be used in combination with UNii I/O excluding power supply (item no. 004662)!
  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 10mm
  • Approval: EN50131 (Grade 3)

UNii 4G module

  • 4G alarm transmission to PAC
  • Supplied including GSM slice antenna with 2m cable
  • Approval: EN50131 (Grade 3)

Ordering Information

004664 UNii input module
004666 UNii output module
004668 UNii output expansion print 4 OC
004680 UNii 4G module