Customer case: De Rechtspraak (jurisdiction)

The UNii is applied in one of the largest courthouses in the Netherlands. The location has offices, courtrooms, interrogation rooms and a detention area, divided into several tiers. Court employees and employees of chain partners work in the building daily. In addition to the internal and external staff, there is the public who visit the court and there is the arrival and departure of defendants who must appear in court. This requires specific security.

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Alphatronics contributed to the integrated security solution with the UNii. Due to the size of the property, several plants in a cluster were joined into one system. This makes it centrally controllable on one keypad where the user experiences this as one integral system. The redundant configuration provides the architecture with 100% operational reliability even during maintenance or service operations. The link to the Security Management System provides centralized control and monitoring.

The UNii is applicable from simple to highly complex situations. The modular design allows the system to be tailored to the specific needs of the user, object or claimant. The scalable and redundant functionality enables it to be usefull for larger projects, where security and integration are paramount.

Note: Due to the security level, details of installation and location have been omitted.

  • Multiple UNii plants switched in a clusters

  • The entire installation is redundant

  • Central control

  • Great diversity of detection methods

  • Seamlessly tailored to the specific application

  • Linking to an SMS/PSIM

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