Customer case: the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM)

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway is a rapidly growing public transportation system serving the Pomerania region of Poland. It was founded with the goal of improving mobility and facilitating the daily lives of local people. With an extensive network of rail lines and modern trains, the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway offers efficient and comfortable travel for commuters and tourists in the region.

Our certifications:

The construction project of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway was very challenging because of the complexity of the systems, their distribution and the requirement to integrate them into the LCS management center. All elements of the installed integrated security system use the TCP/IP network for communication. This made it possible to integrate such a highly distributed system.

In this project, UNii’s systems ensure that all technical and critical alerts can be properly and safely monitored and appropriate action can be taken when necessary.

Because of the high risk, all disciplines are integrated within one platform for an orderly and adequate response.

Elements of security systems used by C&C Partners in the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway project.

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway 2


  • VMS Platform CCTV with smart image analysis - VDG Sense

  • Commend intercom system with SOS stations integrated into the telephone system.


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