Introduction UNii wireless interface

With the UNii, it is possible to secure an object both wired and wirelessly. This can be done using a wireless module that can be connected to the RS485 bus. Once connected and working accordingly, the components can be enrolled. Each interface can use a maximum of 32 zones and 4 outputs (2x siren and strobe combinations).

When using two wireless interfaces, no additional bus expander needs to be purchased. It can be connected to the existing bus without any problems.

The wireless module uses a certified NEN-50131-1 Module operating at a frequency of 868 MHz. And works on the basis of so-called “pings” These are short transmissions that can send certain commands. The following commands can be sent via such means:

  1. Supervision (whether the component is present within the beam field)
  2. Alarm activation (when the CCS mentions that the section is activated)
  3. Alarm deactivation (when the CCS states that the section is deactivated)
  4. Input change (when the contact sends the command that there is detection (by PIR or REED contact)
  5. Jamming (when the receiver receives information within 60 seconds, more like 30 seconds)
  6. Bat low (when a component indicates that a battery needs to be replaced)
  7. Clean me notification, specific to smoke detectors ( when the smoke chamber of an optical smoke detector is contaminated, it will issue a warning that it needs to be cleaned. This can be done by using compressed air like a compressor or canned air.