Wireless keypad

It is possible to use a wireless keypad with UNii Elite. This can be used in locations where a wired keypad is hard to reach or not desired.

The wireless keypad has code-only arming, and full or partial arm can be selected per keypad. It is also possible to see the status of the UNii in a fairly simple way. This is done by pressing a key when the keypad is at rest. After this, the little house (top left) will light up and, if enabled, the full or partial circuit will be visible.

The video below explains how to enroll the keypad, which functions it has, and which advanced settings are possible.

The advanced wireless keypad only works with Elite modem version V 0.1. This is included in all newly delivered Elite wireless interfaces. Older modems (for wireless interface version V3.3.0 released on: 07-11-2022) will need to be updated so that they can support the advanced keypad. The Alphatronics helpdesk can be contacted for this. This only applies to older Elite modems that have been fitted before this version. Via the helpdesk, a special firmware update will be provided so that they are equipped with the correct modem version. After this, the advanced keypad can be used.