The UNii has the most beautiful keypad in black and white!

The Stylish keypad is available in both black and white. Black is the new white, an absolute trend in today’s interiors. We are also seeing more and more doors and window frames done in black. It is then nice to have a beautiful, sleek black UNii keypad on the wall to match the interior.

Features and benefits
Great attention has been paid to ease of assembly. For example, the back plate fits exactly over a standard flush-mounted box and there are break-out cable entries to
the top and bottom. The cabling is connected to two terminal strips on the back plate after which the front side will come off
can be easily moved up. Lighting in the keys helps the user to operate the keypad, in addition, the screen of the keypad is razor sharp due to the OLED display.

Finally, the keypad has the most secure reading principle currently available in the market, which is DESFire EV2.
It does not allow you to copy passes or tags and use them to turn on and off.
Complex encryption makes the read principle secure for any application.

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