With one hardware you are provided for all applications

The UNii alarm system is a flexible security solution that can be customized to the unique needs of your customers all with the same hardware. Thanks to its Grade 3 certification and modular design, the UNii can be used for all applications, including residential, office, high-risk and government agencies.

A unique feature of the UNii is that the alarm system is based on a single hardware platform. This allows the number of inputs to be expanded from 32 to 128 or 512 without hardware replacement. Thus, in the case of expansion, the customer never needs to replace the central equipment.

This has a number of benefits for you as a business, see below the benefits for you highlighted in a short video:

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So again in summary, that’s a very big advantage for a number of reasons:

  1. Only one type of hardware as spare parts in the van and warehouse
  2. Always the right spare part on hand
  3. No hardware replacement in case of system expansion
  4. Training only on one hardware

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