Flexible with one hardware – Make it easy on yourself with the UNii

The UNii is specially designed to make your life easier. With one system for intrusion detection as well as access control that can be used in all situations, you no longer have to worry about finding different solutions for different customers. The UNii is an all-in-one intrusion detection and access control system for homes, office environments, high-risk locations and government agencies, for example.

Our certifications:

Intuitive design and installation

User-friendliness takes center stage in the design of UNii. We understand that installers and end-users require an intrusion detection and access control system that is intuitive and easy to install and operate. The control panel is compact yet user-friendly with its large buttons. The navigation keys are illuminated, making them extremely intuitive. With UNii, your customers can operate the alarm system hassle-free and with peace of mind.

UNii front display

Flexibility with one hardware platform

The UNii PBX is Grade 3 certified and flexibly adaptable to the unique needs of your customers. For example, the UNii can be easily expanded through a one-time license. Does the customer have a UNii 32 and need more inputs, for example? No problem, replacing the switchboard is no longer necessary! The UNii can easily be expanded to an UNii 128 without replacement of hardware. Of course, this also applies to expansion to the UNii 512. At the push of a button, without replacing existing hardware.

Modular structure

UNii is distinguished by its modular structure. With one hardware platform, the alarm system can be customized to your customer’s specific needs. Whether expanding inputs, adding additional modules or specific integrations, the UNii offers a solution for every situation.

Quick and efficient installation

Time is precious, which is why the UNii is designed to make installation quick and efficient. The enclosure allows easy entry of cables and conduit paths from the rear, without the use of spacers. This means you can get up and running with the UNii quickly, without unnecessary delays. Programming is easy with UNii manager software, and you can even manage the UNii control center remotely via a browser with UNii online.

UNii: The ultimate security solution

The UNii offers everything you need as an installer to realize security installations easily and efficiently. With a focus on ease of use, flexibility, reliability and easy installation, UNii is the answer to all your security challenges.

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