Secure your location with access control

Access control systems provide additional security and user convenience when entering a building or space. Thanks to their easy installation and remote management capabilities, access control is an ideal complement to intrusion detection.


Understanding access

Access control is a critical component of every security system. It enables organizations to control who has access to their facilities. The UNii can be expanded with comprehensive access capabilities. With one integrated system, both intrusion detection and access control are possible. This unique integration prevents scenarios where a door is opened while the area behind it is secured by intrusion detection. Having one system also means one code, tag, or card for operation and one point of contact for technical support. The installer can easily program, access, and maintain the system using UNii manager or UNii online. The end user can also easily create users, assign codes and permissions using both solutions.

Access and intrusion detection

With a (DESFire) card or tag, the UNii access control system can be operated. Easily use the tag to open doors or barriers, for example. The permissions are set in the UNii by the end user or installer using UNii manager or online. For higher security, the tag can also be used in combination with a PIN code. It’s also very convenient to use the same card or tag for the alarm system. Use it to arm and disarm the alarm, replacing the need for codes.


DESFire is the latest generation reading technology that is integrated into the control panel and card readers of the UNii. The card or tag is equipped with a secure application, thereby meeting the highest security standards. As a result, it’s not possible to duplicate the tag or card, unlike many older reading methods.

In addition to UNii cards and tags, it’s also possible to use those from third-party sources, provided they meet the high security requirements set for UNii variants.

UNii door controller

The door controller is designed to simplify the installation of access control. The readers can be connected to the controller via Wiegand or OSDP. Since the door controller is available in both 12V and 24V versions, it can be adapted to the applied locking technology. Power for the lock can be supplied directly from the door controller. Of course, the door controller, like the other bus components, features auto-addressing and a location buzzer. The housing of the door controller is identical to that of the UNii central unit and the I/O module, providing space behind the enclosure for cable and conduit pathways, eliminating the need for installing spacer bolts during assembly. This results in additional time savings during installation.

Manage up to 32 doors

Depending on the UNii model, it can manage 16 door controllers up to 32 doors. The card readers can be programmed independently. This means that two in/out readers can be used for one door, or two separate readers for two doors. The door controller can be combined on the bus with a card reader interface or an AT-500 bus reader, as long as the total number is not exceeded.


Need additional inputs near the door controller? No problem, as the door controller can be equipped with a UNii expansion module with 8 inputs. The door controller comes standard with a Request to Exit (RTE) and door status signaling. Therefore, no extra inputs are required for these functionalities.


A reader for every application

The door controller is equipped with Wiegand and OSDP connections, allowing a wide range of readers to be connected. Of course, our own UNii readers are fully supported. These come in a standard version, with a PIN code, and with an ultra-thin mounting option. There are also versions with encapsulated cabling (pig-tail), making installation even simpler. As UNii has been developed with integration in mind, we have recently added support for STid readers. This French supplier offers a wide range of readers for Wiegand, OSDP, and supports the use of Mobile Credentials, allowing smartphones to be used for access control. All readers utilize DESFire EV2/3, as it is a reliable reading principle with encrypted communication between the card and the reader.

Product specifications UNii door controller

  • 2 UNii Wiegand card readers

  • 2 relay outputs for door control

  • Door position signaling, RTE

  • 8 additional inputs and 4 outputs via expansion board

  • RS-485 (input and output)

  • Autodetect

  • Location buzzer

  • Version 12VDC/1.7A or 24VDC/1A

  • Power supply and battery charger

  • Dimensions 255 x 120 x 400mm (LxWxH)


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