Control your security system with mySmartControl

An innovative app that allows customers to control the UNii alarm system.

What is mySmartControl?

mySmartControl is an app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing remote control of UNii alarm systems. With this app, users receive notifications when an alarm is triggered and can remotely arm and disarm the system. What sets mySmartControl apart is its built-in chat feature, enabling users of the app to communicate clearly and effectively with each other regarding alarm response. This ensures that everyone is informed about how the alarm situation is being addressed. If there’s no response, mySmartControl will repeat the alarm. The advantage of mySmartControl is that the installation doesn’t require port forwarding. Through the installer portal, you have real-time and free access to the connected systems and their status. For customer inquiries, you can consult the online logbook and respond quickly and efficiently.

Advantages and features of mySmartControl

As an installer, your logo will be automatically displayed in your customer’s app. Through a personal profile, the customer can easily contact you via email or phone. mySmartControl offers installers the opportunity for recurring income by selling subscriptions for additional services. There’s even a customizable company subscription available for multi-site clients. Interested in this opportunity? Get in touch.

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  1. Real-time alerts

    mySmartControl can send real-time alerts to your customers’ mobile devices in case of an alarm.

  2. Remote monitoring

    Your customers can control their security system remotely using their mobile device.

  3. User-friendly

    mySmartControl is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing your customers to easily control their security system from anywhere.

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