Safety in Education

Daycare center, primary school, or university: an educational institution must be a safe place. A place where children, students, teachers, and school staff can be carefree, and where safety is an absolute certainty. Due to the increasing automation, these institutions unfortunately also become the target of break-ins. The UNii system is a suitable solution for intrusion detection and access control in this context.

Suitable for any situation

The UNii system is applied in educational institutions and childcare facilities. Thanks to its modular design, the UNii system can be tailored to the usage, location, and risk. Even when there are changes in the organization, the UNii system can be adjusted without requiring new investments. The keypad operation is intuitive and straightforward, allowing staff to operate the system with ease. Even if the institution has multiple locations, centralized control and user management are easily achievable. Therefore, the UNii system seamlessly aligns with the usage in an educational institution or childcare facility, ensuring optimal safety.


Notification of fire alarm system

Save hefty costs

If the location is equipped with a fire alarm system, its notification can be carried out through the UNii system. As the only intrusion detection system, the UNii is EN54-21 certified. This means that the fire alarm system can transmit notifications through the UNii. As a result, a separate communicator is no longer necessary for the fire alarm system, saving significant upfront and recurring subscription costs for the end user. Additionally, it’s possible to transmit detailed detector information to the monitoring center or the mySmartControl app. This includes not only the notification of a fire but also specific details about which detectors are triggered. This enables optimal and secure coordination of fire brigade and personnel response. This unique feature of the UNii contributes to enhanced safety and reduced costs.

mySmartControl app


Easily operate the UNii intrusion detection and access control system with the mySmartControl app. You can arm and disarm the system with a single press of a button. Receive instant push notifications for alarms or arming/disarming events. Even if your phone is on silent mode, you can still receive notifications. The mySmartControl chat feature is very convenient, allowing users to communicate with each other about handling alarms. This way, everyone is informed about the status and who will take action.

UNii manager / UNii online

A new user who needs to operate the alarm system and/or access control? No problem, with UNii manager or UNii online, users can easily be created or modified without the need for intervention from the installer. What’s unique is the user management for educational institutions with multiple locations. UNii online offers the capability to assign users to multiple locations at once or adjust their rights. Organizations manage users for their locations in a clear and consistent manner through this approach.

The UNii in education or child care

  • Future-proof due to modular structure

  • Easy operation on the intuitive keypad

  • Great for multiple locations

  • User management through UNii online

  • Certified fire door notification

  • Comprehensive access control

Quality Marks & Certificates

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