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UNii – Introduction

With this online course you will learn all about the UNii. The different products and configurations are covered step by step in short lessons. After this introductory training you will know the different components and you will know where to apply them.

For whom is this course intended?
This introduction is written for everyone who has to deal with the UNii. It is the general introduction and therefore suitable for advisors, salespeople, calculators, work preparers and mechanics.

The course consists of 7 lessons covering 24 topics. The course takes about 55 minutes. Many lessons are provided with a video explaining the subject. The videos can be paused in between. It is also possible to adjust the volume in the video player using the slider at the bottom left of the player:

Often the accompanying documents can be consulted in the lesson material itself. Technical information about the UNii can be found at the top of the screen under the section ‘Materials’.
Each lesson can be completed by pressing the corresponding button. This gives you an overview of the progress.
It is always possible to look back at a lesson. This can also be useful later if you have questions or receive questions from a customer.

This course ends with a test. This allows you to test whether you have understood all the information correctly. If your results are satisfactory, you will receive an online certificate and access to the next course.

Content of this course:

  • Lessons: 7
  • Topics: 24
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Credits: 50
  • Pre-education: no
  • Minimum score final test: 80%
  • Certificate: yes, after completion of final test (required for follow-up courses)




Consult these datasheets if you want to know more about the (technical) specifications of the UNii.

UNii Alarmsystem

UNii Keypad