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The all in one security system

The UNii security system is an ideal solution for both commercial and personal users who desire a comprehensive and simple security solution. The system integrates security cameras, alarm systems, and access control to deliver maximum protection against break-ins and theft.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as AI and advanced motion detection, you can feel confident that your property is secure. Additionally, the UNii can also be used to detect water leaks, fires, and carbon monoxide.

Always up to date

Use the system remotely and immediately receive a push notification in the event of a report using the mySmartControl app

One system

From home to jeweler. One hardware for every application.

Dutch product

Designed and produced in the Netherlands

Easy to assemble

Everything to make the installation process as easy as possible

User friendly

both during the commissioning of an installation and during maintenance or service

Security expert since 1978

Over 45 years of experience in the security industry

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Application and possibilities

Grade 3 certification

For installers

UNii Manager & UNii online


The UNii security system is a versatile and modular solution that can be adapted to any setting. Whether you’re protecting a home, a jewelry store, a school, or a business, the UNii offers a solution. Its versatility allows it to be used in any security project, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to operate.


The UNii stands out in that a single hardware system can be integrated with all its applications. Furthermore, multiple UNii systems can be connected with each other, up to 8, resulting in an installation that can manage up to 4,096 detection points. The UNii can also be set up with redundancy, where a secondary UNii (slave) is installed to maintain the system’s functionality in case the primary unit (master) fails or requires maintenance.



A home should be a secure and comfortable place to reside and entertain guests. The UNii can contribute significantly to ensuring safety. Its sensors for detecting movement, smoke, and water leaks are designed to blend in with the aesthetic of the home, and provide professional-level security with ease of use.



A secure workplace is crucial for the success of a business. The UNii security system is sleekly designed and unobtrusive in the workplace, and its sensors for detecting movement, smoke, and water leaks provide a safer work environment. The operation of the keypad is straightforward and user-friendly.



Projects can vary in scale and complexity and demand a flexible security system that can address the risks, size, and requirements of users. The UNii’s modular design makes it well-suited for large projects. Furthermore, when expanding, you can utilize existing hardware, which results in lower costs for the customer.

High risk

High risk

In some cases, standard security measures are insufficient. Personal safety, business continuity, or financial consequences may necessitate a solution that is tailored to specific needs. The UNii aligns with this approach, offering a modular solution that can handle high-risk environments, such as jewelry stores or government buildings.

Grade 3 certification – security systems for every risk

The UNii is traditionally used for intrusion detection, connecting detectors that signal the presence of intruders. The type of detection can vary, including spatial detectors that detect movement, vibration detectors that respond to wall attacks, or glass break detectors that pick up the sound of breaking glass. The selection of detectors depends on the object and risk level.

Intrusion detection systems are customized to meet the specific needs of the customer or requirements from entities such as insurance companies. The value of the assets in the premises often influences the implementation of the system. The level of risk is reflected in the “Grade” of the system.

In general, a Grade 2 system is suitable for homes, stores, and businesses with limited value of goods. A Grade 3 system is appropriate for high-risk situations such as companies with valuable assets or buildings with high foot traffic.

To ensure the UNii system is suitable for every risk, we have certified it as Grade 3. This allows us to offer a Grade 3 system that fits any situation. A Grade 3 installation can be used in a Grade 2 scenario, but not vice versa, ensuring our system is optimally suited to the specific situation.

Security, Tailored for You

The UNii is designed for both end users and installers, providing an easy-to-use and flexible system. End users benefit from an intuitive interface for managing security cameras, alarm systems, and access control. Meanwhile, installers appreciate the extensive installation and configuration options for customizing the system to meet specific customer needs. Enhanced with AI and advanced motion detection, the UNii is a dependable solution for both commercial and personal use.

Always and everywhere informed
With mySmartControl your customer has full control over the UNii. For example, the user can switch the system on and off remotely and the set contacts immediately receive a push message on their smartphone in the event of a report. In this way everyone is informed without loss of time and appropriate actions can be taken. Does your customer have several business premises or a house and holiday home? Then these can all be operated from mySmartControl.

App van uniisecurity

User friendly
User-friendliness is an important factor for a quick installation. That is why we have made our configuration software as simple as possible, both during the commissioning of an installation and during maintenance or service. Clear screens guide you step by step through the system. In this way, a system is ready to use in no time.

User friendly unii

Always the right spare parts
The UNii uses one hardware that can be fully adapted to the needs of the project through licenses. As a result, the right system is always in stock for new installations and for the technician’s service stock. No hassle with different power stations for different types of projects. The UNii can be used anywhere. Every UNii print can also be used anywhere during service. That saves time and money!

Hardware unii

Design Keypad
The user-friendliness, security and vision of the UNii intrusion detection system are clearly reflected in the UNii keypad. The intuitive design ensures easy operation. For optimal security, the card reader in the keypad is equipped with DESFire EV2: the safest reading principle on the market. Due to the black and white design, the keypad can be used in any project. A true combination of modern design and optimal safety.

Keypad unii

Easy to assemble

By developing the UNii together with installers, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to install the system and products. For example, the back plate of the UNii keypad fits exactly over a standard flush-mounted box and there is a cable entry at the back, top and bottom of the housing. Everything to make the installation process as easy as possible.

Ease of installation

Grade 3 certified
The UNii standard is grade 3 certified to cover all conceivable situations. This means you can use the UNii in the most demanding projects. By installing the UNii redundantly you can add an extra layer of security. The system will then continue to work in the event of a malfunction, failure or maintenance.

Grade 3

For installers

At Alphatronics we are ready for our installers. We offer full support, provide advice and support in drawing up quotations and projections. In addition, we offer the possibility to follow our training modules anytime, anywhere. This way everyone is always kept up to date with the latest developments of the UNii intrusion detection system.


Free e-learning

Through our UNiiversity, you and your employees can access the latest training courses anytime, anywhere, to stay up to date. This enables you to easily re-skill for new functions, ensuring that you always have the right knowledge at your fingertips. Access is free and available 24/7.


Full support

Our helpdesk is available every working day to help you with your questions. You are even supported on location, so that you can continue with the project as quickly as possible.


Download our documentation

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Convinced? How further?

You would like to install the UNii at customers, but what does that require? We are happy to walk you through the steps to ensure that you and your colleagues are prepared to get started. Contact us via the button below, and we’ll get to work for you!

Would you still like some more information or the technical specifications of our system and peripherals? Then read on.

UNii features

In addition to intrusion detection, the UNii is also often used for access control, fire and CO detection, and detection of water leaks, for example. Access control is granting access to a building or space by means of a tag or pass. Access control readers are connected to the UNii for this purpose. The user can easily assign the rights in the UNii manager software or via UNii online in the cloud.

The UNii can be expanded with numerous accessories, such as I/O modules to enlarge the system, wireless detectors, wireless locks, and a connection to KNX, which is widely used for building and home automation (domotics). In addition, it is also possible to report a fire alarm system certified to the PAC via the UNii without separate reporting. The link via the UNii has many advantages, such as not having an extra transmitter with a subscription, and being able to forward detailed information from the fire detectors that have gone into alarm. As a result, the customer, PAC and fire brigade know in the event of an alarm whether it concerns one or more detectors.

UNii Manager & UNii online

  • User friendly

  • Hidden explanation of menu options

  • Contemporary design

  • Clear structure

  • Offline programming with UNii manager

  • Online programming with UNii online

  • UNii online and manager have the same user interface

  • Multilingual

  • Automatic updates (software and bus components)
    End user version available

Configuration software should be as simple as possible. Both during the commissioning of an installation and during maintenance or service. The UNii manager is designed for this. Clear screens guide the technician step by step through the system. Options are explained with a simple click.

Like the UNii, the UNii manager is multilingual and can be configured per user. Limited options are available to the end user. For example, users can be created or the log can be viewed. The software is available free of charge and suitable for Windows 32 and 64 bits.

UNii online is the cloud version of UNii manager. With this cloud service, the UNii can be reached remotely. Because the UNii manager and UNii online use the same graphical user interface (GUI), it is very efficient and easy to use. UNii online can be used by the installer and the end user.

  • Brand Independent

  • For homes and businesses

  • Works perfectly with any commonly used smartphone

With mySmartControl you can control your security installation remotely. Receive instant notification in case of an alarm. Forgot to switch on? No problem, use the handy app to easily check the status of your system and then turn it on. The multilingual app is available for iOS and Android.

But there’s more….: soon this app will be further expanded with alarm verification, tablet layout, messaging and smartwatch support, among others. So, keep an eye on the site!

For homes and offices

mySmartControl is suitable for your alarm system at home and at work. The app allows you to manage multiple locations. This makes it easy to operate the alarm system at home, at the office or, for example, at your sports club and to receive alarm messages.


mySmartControl allows installers to have recurring revenue by selling subscriptions for additional services. There’s even a customizable business plan for multi-site customers. Contact us for the benefits.


The mySmartControl app is currently suitable for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Multiple smartphone users can be registered on each mySmartControl account. This allows everyone to receive a notification in the event of an alarm.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the UNii? You can easily reach us for questions, comments or requests. You can call us on our telephone number, send an e-mail or fill in the contact form on the website. Our team is ready to help you with all your questions.