UNii Keypad

  • Graphic display (OLED)
  • DESFire EV2 reader
  • Mounting on a standard flush mounted wall outlet
  • Terminal strip on rear panel for easy wiring
  • 2 hard wired inputs
  • Intuitive operation with selectable language per user
  • Approach sensor for wake-up backlight
  • Cable entry top, bottom and rear
  • Colours white and black
  • EN50131 (Grade 3)
  • Developed, manufactured and supported in the Netherlands

Features and Benefits


A lot of thought has been put into the design of the keypad. Not only with regard to ease of installation, but also regarding the aesthetic design, the wishes of our users have been listened to. That is why the keypad is only 2 cm thick and the design is as inconspicuous as possible.

The keypad is available in white and black silky gloss. The graphic display informs the user about the status of the system, operation and the actions to be taken.

The UNii keypad is very easy to install. For example, the back plate fits exactly over a standard flush mounted wall outlet and there are cable ducts at the top and bottom of the casing.

The cabling is connected to two terminal strips on the back plate, after which the front can easily be slid on.


Some users find the operation of an alarm system scary. The amount of entries and exits do not make operation any easier. With the UNii keypad, users are guided step by step through the operation. No irrelevant information is displayed and action is only requested if it is needed at that time. The displayed language can be set for each user, so that operation takes place in that language as soon as the code has been entered.


A Grade 3 certified alarm system requires a safe reading principle for the cards or tags. Despite the fact that the regulations do not set any requirements for this, we have chosen to use the safest reading principle that is currently available on the market: DESFire EV2. This means that it is not possible to copy cards or tags and use them for arming and disarming. Due to a complex encryption, the reading principle is safe for every application.


Display: Graphical OLED
Colors of casing: White and black satin gloss
Number of zones: 2 hard wired zones per keypad
Reader (if applicable): DESFire EV2
Rebranding: There are 3 free lines of text for the customer and / or installer name
Removal protection: Tamper protection on cover and back plate
Approach sensor: Adjustable for waking up the display and
key illumination
Display intensity: Programmable
Key illumination: Programmable
Keystroke: Volume adjustable
Dimensions of casing: 130 x 97 x 20 mm (HxWxD)
Certification: EN50131 (Grade 3)

Ordering Information

004620 UNii Keypad White
004622 UNii Keypad Black
004624 UNii Keypad White with Reader
004626 UNii Keypad Black with Reader