KNX module

  • Quick and easy installation
  • 48 KNX inputs
  • 200 KNX outputs
  • Direct connection to the (two-wire) KNX bus, no additional hardware required
  • The bus connection is KNX certified

KNX Module

With the UNii KNX module it is possible to make a link between the security alarm system and the KNX (home automation) installation. KNX is an open standard for home automation components. All KNX certified components are guaranteed to communicate with each other and meet the high quality requirements of the KNX Association. KNX is a reliable system and the possibilities are tremendous, for a new construction or a renovation or an existing building


With the KNX module, the security installation can become a part of the KNX installation. The module is connected directly to the KNX bus and programmed with the KNX ETS software. The BAOS module is a certified KNX component. This way simplicity and reliability go together seamlessly.

Output of the central

A maximum of 200 outputs from the alarmsystem can be connected to the KNX installation creating a true integration with advanced possibilities. For example, KNX can be notified by the alarmsystem when parts of the building are armed, the KNX system can lower the heating or switch off the air conditioning / lighting.

Control the alarmsystem

The alarmsystem can also be controlled from the KNX installation. For example, it is possible to arm or disarm the system via KNX.

KNX Module
Supply voltage: 12 VDC (powered by the UNii RS-485 bus)
Normal power consumption: 25 mA
Inputs (KNX): 48 for the UNii central
Outputs (KNX): 200 for the UNii control panel
KNX: Uses a certified BAOS module
Programming options: All output characteristics of a UNii can be programmed separately for every KNX output.

A control panel input can be programmed as a KNX input.

Operating temperature: 0 to +50 ° C
Casing dimensions: 165 x 105 x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Casing color: White
Weight: 100 grams

Ordering Information

004675 UNii KNX module in housing