Direct of via reseller

As discussed in the previous lesson, mySmartControl can be expanded with paid features. These features can be handled in two ways, depending on the relationship of the installer with mySmartControl.

If an installer has at least 15 linked accounts, he is eligible to become a Reseller. For installers who are Resellers, the invoicing for the paid functions of mySmartControl go directly to the installer who pays the function in advance and then invoices it to the end customer. In that case, the installer determines the rate and the way in which he charges this to the customer. The packages available in Reseller are the same as the packages available in the direct model: Free, Freemium and Premium. In addition, there is an Enterprise package that can be customized for each (end) customer.

End users who are not linked to an installer or whose installer is not a Reseller have a direct relationship with mySmartControl. In that case, the settlement of any paid functions is handled directly between the end user and mySmartControl. Payment is handled via the Mollie platform and can be done by means of an authorization or credit card.