Features and structure

Purpose mySmartControl
The primary goal of mySmartControl is to provide the end user with a reliable yet simple app for operating the alarm system. All basic functions must be available free of charge.

The installer must have the choice to provide the app with his logo and address details, making it his solution. After all, the end user has a relationship with the installer and not with Alphatronics. It has therefore also been decided to give the app a neutral name.

The following functions are available::
– Arming and disarming of up to 32 sections
– Live status of the inputs (zones)
– Bypassing inputs
– Controlling outputs
– Chat function with 112 hotkey
– Historical log
– Biometric access of the app on smartphone
– Sounds per event
– Alarm sound when phone is set to “silent” (critical notifications)
– Logo and address details of the installer

Relationship between alarm system – location

To use mySmartControl an account must be created. This account can then be linked to a location, to alarm systems and to users. It looks like this schematically:

Because a mySmartControl account is linked to a location, several locations can be linked to one account, depending on the chosen license. This is ideal for users that have an alarm system at home and at work and want to control everything from one app. But mySmartControl can also be used in this way for multi-site locations such as in retail.

Users can be linked to multiple locations. So if the user himself is not the administrator (owner) of the accounts, he can still use mySmartControl.