Wireless outputs. Sirene / strobe

It is possible to learn 2 siren/strobe combinations per wireless interface. If a second wireless interface is connected, a maximum of 4 siren/strobe combinations can be enrolled. With the UNii Elite and Visonic siren/strobe combinations, it is possible to control the siren or strobe separately from each other. This increases the options of controls and times that can be set. The maximum control times are 180 seconds for the siren and 30 minutes (1800 seconds) for the strobe.

Only the Pyronix Deltabell cannot be controlled separately. The strobe will go off at the same set time as the siren.

Via the UNii manager or UNii Online, it is possible to enroll a siren/strobe. To do this, we always enroll the siren. This will automatically learn the strobe below as well. We will explain more about this in the video below.