Wireless repeaters

With the UNii Elite wireless interface, it is possible to use a repeater. This is a device that can be plugged into the wall socket and then receive and send the signal from the wireless interface or components. Keep in mind that a repeater is not a wireless interface in itself and can only receive and transmit the received signals. Its operation is to increase the signal field, not to create a second field.

A common mistake in practice is to place the repeater next to a component that has poor signal strength. As long as the enrolled component remains in contact with the wireless interface, this connection will always remain and the repeater will not be used. if this is the situation, the wireless interface or component will have to be relocated. Usually, the repeater is seen as a kind of WiFi repeater, unfortunately, the operation is not the same. The repeater can resend signals to restore the connection but cannot create and maintain signals themselves. Below is an example view: