Integration is becoming more and more common. UNii is prepared for this and can be easily integrated at any desired level. This means there’s a suitable solution for every integration challenge. Even integration at the cloud level is possible. This is ideal when data can be collected and analyzed in your own environment. Since UNii is developed online in the Netherlands and within Microsoft Azure, Alphatronics can provide optimal support for integrations.


Integrate with any system through our API


Alphatronics offers the possibility to integrate with UNii at the highest level. For this purpose, we provide you with an API that enables IP communication with the control panel. An extensive range of functions is available, including arming or disarming, system and zone status, bypassing, and much more. The API is thoroughly documented in the protocol description and is available at no cost under NDA. A significant number of integrations are already available.

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KNX and Crestron


Using the specially developed module, integrating the control panel into the KNX installation is a breeze. Configuration is carried out using the familiar ETS software. This allows for configuring up to 200 outputs and 48 inputs. Events such as arming and disarming, alarms, and faults are treated as sensors for KNX. Additionally, UNii can be seamlessly integrated into a Crestron environment without extra hardware. With an additional driver in the Crestron setup, the UNii becomes part of the Crestron installation in no time.

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Get access to your own UNii online data

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Through the cloud integration, accessing your own UNii online data becomes possible. An extensive API is utilized for this purpose, with rights limited to one’s own systems. UNii online credentials are used for this purpose. The integrator receives a unique API key, ensuring that different connections cannot decipher each other’s messages. By linking the cloud environments, UNii online can be seamlessly integrated into the (existing) service or maintenance planning.

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