The UNii is user-friendly, both during installation and for operation and maintenance. To ensure that the UNii is accessible to every installer, we offer not only our traditional classroom training but also free e-Learnings.


Welcome to the UNiiversity

Knowledge Sharing

With e-Learning, you can start, pause, or resume a course at any time. The learning process is not bound by a specific schedule and can be done at any convenient time, whether during the day, in the evening, or on weekends. You always have access to the course materials. If you have questions about a project’s implementation or directly from a customer, you can easily review the content.

UNiiversity courses are only available to registered users. To create an account, you need an invitation code. This is provided by the Alphatronics sales department. Are you not a customer yet or do you want to request an invitation code? Please contact our sales department and we will gladly tell you more about the possibilities. You can reach us at sales@alphatronics.nl or +31-33-2459944.

Keep an eye on the UNiiversity as more courses will be added.

UNii – Introduction

  • Introduction to UNii
  • Learn everything about the configurations
50 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: UNii – Introduction

UNii – Technical basic course

  • Technical start with the UNii
  • All basic settings in a row
90 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: UNii – Technical basic course


  • All possibilities of mySmartControl
  • Settings for end-users and installation
40 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: mySmartControl

UNii – Wireless components

  • UNii Wireless Introduction
  • Wireless Interface
  • Types of Components
  • Wireless Diagnosis
45 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: UNii – Wireless components

UNII – UNii online

  • Signing up and logging in
  • Guided tour
  • Purchasing licenses
  • User management
  • Multi-site management
  • Backup usage and management
90 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: UNII – UNii online

UNii – UNii macros and examples

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Examples:
    • Night delivery
    • Fog machines
    • High-risk objects
45 minutes
Bekijk de cursus: UNii – UNii macros and examples