Security for your warehouse

Storing goods temporarily carries risks, especially when these goods or a portion of them are of high value. These often attractive locations require integrated security. Disruption, including attempted break-ins, costs money. When you are responsible for customers’ goods, you want to provide them with the assurance that safety is ensured. UNii can assist with the security of distribution centers, warehouses, or warehouses.

Redundancy and clusters

Big or small, the UNii fits

Whether it’s a (small) warehouse, a warehouse, or a large distribution center, the scalability and availability of security are of great importance. The system can be expanded without the need for costly replacement of hardware. Additionally, UNii can be easily implemented in a redundant configuration; typically, security systems go offline during maintenance or service of central equipment. Not with UNii! The redundant setup ensures continuous security operation. UNii can be adapted for every risk and application. For very large locations or multiple buildings, up to 8 UNii central units can be clustered together. For the user, it’s a unified system that can also be controlled using a single keypad. This way, UNii is optimally scalable up to 4.96 detection points without the user noticing anything different.


Tailored to warehousing

At a larger, complex location, taking an integrated approach to security is essential. Multiple disciplines are often combined here, and systems are brought together in one place. This creates a comprehensive overview and control over systems like intrusion detection, access control, fire detection, and surveillance cameras. UNii can be seamlessly integrated into a Security Management System (SMS) or Building Management System (BMS). Integration and automation are key in this context. UNii becomes a component of the comprehensive security solution. Thanks to UNii’s Grade 3 certification, it also offers a significant advantage in situations with the highest risks.

Access Control

Access control is a crucial component of any security system. It enables organizations to control who has access to their facilities. The UNii can be expanded with comprehensive access capabilities. With one integrated system, both intrusion detection and access control are possible. This unique integration prevents scenarios where a door is opened while the space behind it is secured by the intrusion detection system. One system also means one code, tag, or card for operation and one point of contact for technical support.

UNii manager and online

Simple management

A new user who needs to operate the alarm system or access control? No problem, with UNii Manager or UNii Online, users can be easily created or modified without the need for intervention from the installer. What’s unique is the user management for organizations with multiple locations. UNii Online offers the capability to assign users to multiple locations at once or adjust their rights. This way, organizations manage users for their locations in a clear and uniform manner.

The UNii in warehousing

  • Future-proof due to modular structure

  • Easy operation, even with multiple locations

  • For every (changing) risk

  • Integration into Security management or building management system

  • Comprehensive access control

  • User management through UNii online

  • Ideal for large, complex sites

Quality Marks & Certificates

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