UNii Transfer Service

At UNii, we understand how important it is to make your transition to our systems effortless. Time is scarce and precious. Therefore, we have developed a special service to support you in every step of the process. Find out how we make your transition easy and efficient.

How does our transfer service work?

The UNii Switching Service makes switching to our systems easy and worry-free. In five steps, we guide installers to a successful implementation of UNii. With our flexible e-learning modules, you’ll learn all about UNii’s features and programming at your own pace. Then we offer advanced classroom training both in our training facilities and at your location. Upon registration, you will receive a free starter kit with a UNii and keypad for installations or showroom presentations. Our knowledgeable specialists are ready to assist with projecting and estimating so that essential components are not forgotten. In addition, we provide on-site delivery assistance to ensure your project gets off to a flawless start. Discover the effortless transition to UNii and strengthen your installation business with our unique switching service.

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Step 1: Learn at your own pace

At UNii, we believe in flexibility, which is why we offer e-learning courses that you can take at any time. Learn all about the unique features and programming of UNii systems at your earliest convenience. With our comprehensive e-learning modules, you’ll be well prepared before you get started.

Step 2: Classroom training

In addition to e-learning, we also offer advanced classroom training. You have the choice of taking this training at our professional training facilities or at your location. Our experienced trainers will take you through all the ins and outs of the UNii system so that you are optimally prepared for practice.

Step 3: Get the free starter kit

UNii is happy to support you in getting started. That’s why you will receive a free starter kit with a UNii and keypad with the switching service. Use this kit on your first installations or present it as a demonstration panel in your showroom. This way you can show your customers the power of the UNii with their own eyes.

Step 4: Expert guidance

UNii specialists are always available to watch with you as you project or calculate your first UNii projects. This way you quickly learn how the system is built and we avoid overlooking important components.

Step 5: On-site delivery assistance.

At UNii, we understand that the delivery of your project is crucial. That’s why we offer on-site assistance. Our specialists are happy to come to your project site to support you through the final steps. This ensures a flawless commissioning of the UNii system.

Ready for transfer within 3 days with UNii

Choose the UNii Switching Service and make a seamless transition to our innovative systems. With our comprehensive training, free starter kit and expert assistance, you’ll be ready to get the most out of UNii. Contact us today and find out how UNii can take your installation business to the next level!

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