Detection – Flexible and scalable up to 4,096 inputs

Reliable detection for every situation in homes, commercial buildings, indoors, or outdoors.

Detecting Unwanted Events

Detectors are a crucial component of a security system. It’s important to choose the right detector for a specific situation. UNii supports all types of detectors, ensuring optimal safety. In addition to the complete UNii detection portfolio, it’s also possible to connect other brands. Flexible end-of-line resistors make connecting detection very simple. All types of detection can be used: spatial detection, magnetic, latch, and vibration contacts, smoke and temperature detectors, as well as water and gas detectors.

Meeting the specified requirements

The UNii can be applied in a variety of environments. When securing an object, the level of risk is often taken into consideration. The higher the risk, the higher the requirements placed on the security system. To consistently meet these requirements, the UNii is certified for the highest level of risk: Grade 3. This means that the UNii can be used in all situations, preventing the need for system replacement when the risk level changes. Not only should the intrusion detection system match the risk, but the detection methods should also align with it. It’s easy to connect the detection methods used to the UNii. Even detection from other brands can be seamlessly integrated using the flexible end-of-line resistors.

Extensive portfolio

For effective security, it’s important to apply the right detection methods. Not only should they respond appropriately when needed, but they should also prevent unnecessary alarms. However, detection isn’t only used to signal intruders early on. Often, the security system is also utilized to enhance overall safety. For instance, smoke detectors can be added to provide early fire detection, which can then be relayed to the alarm center. Additionally, detection for gas and water leaks is frequently used in conjunction with the UNii to enhance safety.

Installation and maintenance

Periodic maintenance is also important for intrusion detection and access control systems to ensure proper functioning. This includes not only assessing the technical integrity of the system but also examining the projection of installed detection elements. With UNii online, scheduling maintenance or service visits becomes more efficient. It allows you to quickly review the system’s history for up to 12 months to identify past notifications. This information aids in planning the appropriate technician for the job. Questions from end-users regarding the system’s past usage can be effectively addressed, as the clear and readily accessible history reveals what has occurred.



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