Innovative security that grows with you

Our security solutions are designed to grow with the needs of our installers and end users. That’s why we make sure our products are always up-to-date and adaptable to your situation. Thus, the UNii is not developed for one specific application or sector.

Whether for residential, commercial, educational or other environments, UNii adapts and provides solutions that grow with each customer’s unique requirements. Does the client need a larger system or does the risk class go up? No problem, with the UNii you are assured that the system can be expanded without replacing (expensive) hardware. Because the UNii is Grade 3 certified, it fits any (changing) risk.

Make it easy on yourself

The UNii is designed to make it easy on yourself. Thus, the UNii consists of a single system that can be applied to all situations. The advantage? No overcrowded warehouse, always the right spare parts on hand, fits every project and far fewer training hours.

The UNii was designed with ease of use as one of its main principles. We understand that installers and end users need a security system that is intuitive and easy to operate.

UNii front display

Distinctive value

It is possible to reduce your operational costs by 50% by using the UNii as an alarm system. This is possible because the UNii is one hardware, so you need less inventory and always have the right spare parts. In addition, it takes you fewer training hours to learn all the different systems.
Of course, the UNii has even more advantages, read below the 10 most interesting (clickable) USPs of the UNii.

Future-proof security technology

As part of the publicly listed TKH Group, Alphatronics has been a specialist in security technology since 1978. UNii intrusion detection and access control systems offer a suitable solution for every issue and risk. Through our own development, these systems seamlessly match the (European) market and expectations of end users and installers.

In a world where technology is constantly changing and workforce availability is under pressure, we believe it is important to look ahead. Our innovative security solutions are designed with the future in mind, allowing our customers to benefit from the latest security developments and technologies. Thus, UNii online is being expanded to include unique features such as predictive maintenance and Artificial Intelligence.

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