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UNii manager is the Windows application used for programming the UNii. This user-friendly software application allows for making all necessary settings and verifying the operation of the UNii.

UNii Manager can be used by the end-user for user management and creating codes and tags.

UNii Manager Preview

Remote Management of UNii Control Panels

UNii manager and online

All the functions of UNii Manager are also available online: UNii Online. This cloud service allows remote management of UNii control panels. Easily accessible through a browser with the exact same design as UNii Manager. However, UNii Online offers more: comprehensive dashboards provide the real-time status of connected systems. Clear graphs can display firmware versions, subscriptions, and current faults, for example. An ideal way to quickly navigate to a customer’s systems.

Flowchart UNii Online

Remote maintenance

Remote management

UNii Online is an ideal tool for remote customer support. Remote service offers many possibilities in this regard. Remote switching, bypassing, or configuration are all possible. All actions are, of course, logged. When visiting a customer, up to 12 months of dashboard data can be reviewed to check if there were any anomalies during that period. This information can help plan the deployment of a technician based on the system’s history. Linking with the logbook simplifies the analysis of the situation. UNii Online is based on Microsoft Azure services, ensuring optimal security and availability. Data remains within the borders of the European Union.

Maximum peace of mind for both end customers and installers

Efficient Operations with Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance anticipates when the customer is likely to experience a malfunction or when the system needs maintenance. By applying machine learning to the available data, it’s possible to analyze in advance when, for instance, batteries in wireless components or the system’s battery need replacement. By addressing these needs early, technicians can be optimally scheduled.

By utilizing UNii Online, both end customers and installers will experience maximum peace of mind, leading to lower operational costs and optimized staffing.

UNii Manager Preview


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