Professional Home Security

We believe that home security is of utmost importance. The UNii ensures the safety of residents and their valuable belongings.

A safe place

Professional security that excels in simple operation

Your home should be a safe place. A place to live, to thrive, and to meet friends. For that security, the UNii can play a crucial role. Designed with aesthetics in mind and discreetly placed where needed, sensors ensure the detection of motion, smoke, and water leaks for a secure living environment. Professional security that excels in simplicity of operation. It’s not just about valuable belongings, but primarily about the safety and well-being of the residents.

The convenience of wireless

In addition to traditional wired sensors, the UNii can also utilize wireless sensors. Ultimate security without unsightly cables. Both motion detectors and window/door contacts, smoke detectors, and water detectors are available in wireless form. The installation is simple, and the detectors can be easily added to the UNii system.

UNii remote control

In addition to the app and keypad, the UNii can also be operated with a simple remote control (keyfob). With just a press of a button, the system can be armed or disarmed. The status of the system is visible in real-time on the remote control itself. Moreover, the remote control can also be used to open gates or activate a panic function.

mySmartControl app

Easily operate the UNii intrusion detection and access control system with the mySmartControl app. You can arm and disarm the system with just one button press. Receive instant push notifications for alarms or arming/disarming events. Even if your phone is on silent, you can still be notified. The mySmartControl chat feature is very convenient, allowing users to communicate with each other about alarm handling. This way, everyone knows the status and who will take action.

Fire detection

The UNii can be used not only for intrusion detection but also for fire detection. Connect smoke and fire detectors directly to the intrusion detection system. A very simple expansion that significantly enhances the safety of the residents. Wired and wireless smoke detectors can be connected directly to the UNii. Any fire alarms are immediately detected and forwarded to the Private Alarm Center (PAC) and the mySmartControl app.

Modular, geared towards the future

The UNii is built on a modular structure. This means that expansion is always possible later on without the need to replace the central unit, for example. Need an additional smoke detector in the attic? No problem, the system can support up to 64 wireless components. This way, it’s always possible to customize the system according to your preferences and expectations without the need to replace costly hardware. Thus, the UNii is a future-proof choice.

Integration with home automation

More and more often, homes are equipped with a home automation system. This home automation enables the automatic control of the residence. Lights are switched, heating is turned on, or the alarm system is operated. The UNii seamlessly integrates with a wide range of these systems. Through this integration, it’s possible to execute actions based on operating the alarm system, such as controlling the lighting. It’s also possible to use the intrusion detection sensors for automatically switching the lights. The possibilities are virtually limitless. The UNii includes, among others, a certified module for linking to a KNX installation and a Crestron module.

The UNii in homes

  • Future-proof due to modular structure

  • Easy operation on the modern keypad

  • Expandable with fire, water and gas detection

  • mySmartControl app for control and alarms

  • Integration with home automation such as KNX and Crestron

  • Developed, manufactured and supported in the Netherlands

Quality Marks & Certificates

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