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Mist machines are an advanced security solution that falls under the category of deterrent measures. By releasing a dense, secure mist, visibility to the goods is obstructed, rendering them inaccessible. The implementation of one or more mist machines eliminates the need for costly and unsightly structural measures like shutters. What’s unique and time-saving is the integration of the UNii bus, which greatly simplifies installation and management.

UNii Mistmachine

Easy installation

A fog machine is typically positioned near the valuable goods it aims to protect. This is to ensure that these goods become invisible and inaccessible in the event of a break-in. The fog machine is directly connected to the UNii bus and is programmed and activated through this connection. This unique integration eliminates the need for additional wiring and detection, while also enabling the installer to remotely monitor the status of the fog machine(s).

Fog without trace

Also safe in combination with food

Inside the fog machine, a liquid is transformed into a dense, non-transparent mist. This mist is certified to be completely safe and leaves no residue behind. After a fog emission, the space can be used again without the need for cleaning. The mist doesn’t leave any traces. Specifically designed for supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and other locations where food items are sold, there’s a fluid available that can be used safely in combination with food items.

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Extensive portfolio

With the UNii fog mist machines, we offer a complete range of highly reliable mist machines. The patented heating and pumping technologies are incredibly flexible and dependable, capable of filling spaces from 200m3 to 14,000m3 with mist. The emission speed and density of the mist are impressive, even with open building openings, the mist remains intact. The mist fluid is available in various versions: for intruder detection in normal environments or in places where food is present. The fluid is certified (EC 1935/2004) for use in environments involving food preparation, production, or sales. The mist fluid is supplied in various volumes (500-5000ml) in a plastic bag, is very easy to replace, and comes at a competitive price. All models can be equipped with a backup battery, ensuring operation even during power outages. The machines have low energy consumption in standby mode.

Unique integration

UNii fog bus integration

Connecting a mist machine used to be quite a task. Separate cabling had to be laid for the mist machines, and the central unit needed to have sufficient inputs and outputs. Additionally, there was always the fear that the mist machines might go off spontaneously during maintenance or service. That’s now a thing of the past with the unique UNii fog bus integration. By installing a special UNii fog interface in the mist machine, it can be directly connected to the UNii RS485 bus. This results in a significant time-saving and real-time insight into the system’s operation. The benefits are:

  • No more separate cabling
  • Use of existing detection
  • Pattern of action via intelligence macros
  • Real-time insight into the status of the mist machines in UNii manager and online (fluid level, last activation, temperature, notifications, etc.).
  • Easily perform a test shot to verify the operation.

Certifications & Accreditations

Logo's Certificeringen EN501131Logo's Certificeringen CE EN 50131 Grade 3Logo's Certificeringen EN54 21Logo's Certificeringen Incert

Specifications of the fog machine

  • Unique bus integration with the UNii alarm system

  • Wide range. A suitable machine for every situation

  • Modern design

  • Machines provided with EN50131-8:2019 certification

  • Fluid easily interchangeable

  • Reliable pump technology

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