Professional security for retail

Unfortunately, theft, violence, and burglary are significant issues within the retail sector. With professional security, you ensure a safe store for customers and employees.

A safe store

Stores face issues such as theft, violence, and burglary. Fire safety and access control are also important aspects. This is crucial for both customers and employees, as well as for preserving the property and inventory. The UNii aids in this regard. Designed aesthetically and discreetly in necessary areas, sensors provide detection for motion, fire, and water leakage, ensuring a secure retail environment. Professional security that excels in user-friendly operation.

Comprehensive detection

A safe shopping environment

In addition to traditional wired sensors, the UNii can also utilize wireless sensors. This offers ultimate security without unsightly cables. Wireless options are available for motion detectors, window and door contacts, smoke detectors, and water detectors. Installation is simple, and the detectors can be easily added to the UNii system in no time.


In the event of a robbery, a single press of a (wireless) panic button can trigger a silent alarm through the UNii system. Fellow shopkeepers, a monitoring center, or the police can then provide assistance. Depending on the situation, a fog machine can also be activated immediately to prevent intruders from accessing valuable goods.

Fire detection

Depending on the location and usage of the premises, it is possible to directly connect smoke and fire detectors to the intrusion detection system. This very simple expansion greatly enhances the safety of the employees. Both wired and wireless smoke detectors can be connected directly to the UNii. Any fire alarms are immediately detected and forwarded to the Private Alarm Center (PAC) and the mySmartControl app.

Access Control

It’s ideal to manage employees in one place. That’s why the UNii is often chosen for both intrusion detection and access control. Access readers can be wired or wireless components of the UNii configuration. This is a significant advantage for employees, as a single tag or card can be used for access to specific areas and potentially for arming or disarming the alarm system. For administrators, it’s ideal as user permissions can be managed within one system.

UNii manager and online

Remote management

A new user who needs to operate the alarm system and/or access control? No problem, with UNii Manager or UNii Online, users can be easily created or modified without the need for intervention from the installer. What sets it apart is the user management for organizations with multiple branches. With many systems, users have to be added or removed per location. Not with UNii. UNii Online allows users to be assigned to multiple locations at once or adjust their permissions. This way, branch businesses can manage users for their locations in a clear and uniform manner.

mySmartControl app

Easily operate the UNii intrusion detection and access control system with the mySmartControl app. You can arm and disarm the system with a single button press. Receive instant push notifications for alarms or arming/disarming events. Even if your phone is on silent, you can still be notified. The mySmartControl chat function is very convenient, allowing users to communicate with each other about alarm handling. This way, everyone knows the status and who will take action.

Fog machine

Protect your valuable stock

“If you can’t see it, you can’t take it.” That’s exactly how a fog machine works. In case of a burglary attempt, the fog machine will completely fill the room or the area where the most valuable goods are located with dense fog. This makes it impossible for intruders to take away goods. Avoid significant investments in structural measures and opt for a fog machine. It’s much more effective and cost-efficient. The fog machine is directly connected to the UNii bus and is programmed and activated through this connection. This unique integration eliminates additional costs for wiring and detection, and it allows the installer to remotely monitor the status of the fog machine(s).

The UNii in retail

  • Fits every risk and size

  • Easy operation on the keypad and app

  • Expansion to include. robbery and fire detection

  • Comprehensive access control

  • Fog machines as a theft deterrent measure

  • UNii manager and online for user management

  • Ideal for branch offices

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