Customer case: Hakron HarderwijK

The Hakron Group has moved to its new, sustainable office and distribution center on Wattstraat in Harderwijk. The building has a high level of finishing and modern appearance both in terms of its interior and exterior.

Our certifications:

R & S Security and Telecom was awarded the contract for security and access control at Hakron’s new building. “Together with the client, we created a plan to this end,” says Harry Bisschop, business manager at R & S.

Security is one thing, but the client felt that providing access to controlled doors was just as important. This provides Hakron with additional security. Important here was also the management of access tags, these determine: who is authorized to enter an (office) space at what time. The installers did face a challenge here: the office area contains a lot of glass, which of course looks beautiful but is inconvenient for an access reader where a cable has to go.

In early 2021, Alphatronics came to the UNii with the development of Aperio wireless access. R & S Security and Telecom was already in contact with Assa Abloy to discuss the possibilities for this project. Indeed, they already had samples of Aperio wireless locks lying around. One plus one was two, and R & S Security and Telecom then immediately equipped a number of office doors with Aperio wireless access at the UNii.

All in all, a great overall solution!


  • UNii intrusion system

  • iProtect SMS platform



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