As of today, the licenses for Aperio can be activated individually

Until recently you were used to purchasing 1 license for a project with Aperio equipment that was applied to all Aperio equipment in combination with UNii intrusion detection. A one-time purchase, but that involved relatively high costs on a small project with few wireless locks.

We modified that. From now on, you buy a license per door/lock, not per project. The price is adjusted accordingly, making your project even more interesting and competitive!

The licenses can be easily purchased through UNii online in two ways:

  1. The UNii is not connected to UNii online
    You can purchase the license through UNii online and put it into UNii through UNii manager. This does not require the UNii to be connected to UNii online and there are no additional costs for you as an installer, apart from the license itself.
  2. The UNii is connected to UNii online
    Activation is then very easy on site or from the office. Because this is done directly in the UNii, additional on-site operations are not required.

What does this mean for existing Aperio installations?
For existing Aperio installations, the licenses do not change.

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