The UNii is optimally scalable to as many as 4,096 inputs

Is 512 inputs from your UNii alarm center too little for your business or location?
No problem, the UNii station can then be placed in a cluster to have a maximum of 4,096 inputs. Whether you have a (small) warehouse, a warehouse or a large distribution center, the scalability and availability of security is key here. The UNii alarm system can be expanded without the need for costly hardware replacement.

By default, the control center is equipped with 8 inputs that are easily expandable to 512 inputs. If there is a very large site or multiple buildings, then multiple UNii’s up to a maximum of 8 can be placed in one cluster. For the user, the cluster is one system that can also be operated on one keypad. Thus, the UNii is optimally scalable to as many as 4,096 inputs without the user noticing.

In 4 steps, you have a UNii alarm system with a maximum of 4,096 inputs
You have the UNii alarm alarm system, you want to convert it into a cluster. This can be done in a number of steps:

  1. You add a concentrator license to the UNii alarm system.
  2. The UNii is now a concentrator, attached to this concentrator is the bus line with the UNii plants.
  3. Both the concentrator and the alarm system must be fitted with an RS-485 bus expansion board to link them together.
  4. With up to eight alarm systems linked to the concentrator via built-in RS-485 buses, it is possible to have a maximum of 4,096 inputs.

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