The most beautiful control panel

That was the mandate for the design firm in developing the UNii. In which we succeeded! A stylish design control panel that fits into any interior. For the user, the operation is simple and intuitive, which is nice when using an alarm system.

UNii front display

Comprehensive capabilities

The UNii control panel features a modern design and unprecedented capabilities. The design took into account the needs of both the technician and the end user. The control panel features a clear OLED screen on which a lot of information is available. Navigation is guided by clear LEDs behind the keys. The proximity sensor causes the display to light up when the control panel is approached. This saves energy when the control panel is not in use.
With its modern look in white or black, the control panel fits into any interior.

The control panel is available with a tag reader. This allows the user to easily arm and disarm the alarm system by presenting the tag.

Of course, the control panel is Grade 3 certified. Thus, no replacement of the control panel if the installation is upgraded to Grade 3.

Intuitive operation

End users still find turning an alarm system on and off a bit stressful. Especially when the walk-in buzzer sounds, it creates additional pressure on the operation. That’s gone with the UNii! In fact, the controls are very intuitive and easily guide the user through all the steps. Navigation LEDs illuminate only when an operation is possible.

Clear instructions in the spacious display make it easy for anyone to operate the UNii.


DESFire is the latest generation of reading technology integrated into the UNii’s control panel. The card or tag features a secure application, thus meeting the highest security requirements. This therefore makes it impossible to copy the tag or card, as is the case with many older reading principles. The tags used on the control panel can also be used on the access control readers and Aperio locks.

In addition to UNii cards and tags, it’s also possible to use those from third-party sources, provided they meet the high security requirements set for UNii variants.

Easy mounting

The UNii control panel consists of two parts: a mounting plate for on the wall or over the installation/mounting box and the front with the keys and display. This construction makes assembly very easy and efficient. Assembling the wiring is simple and straightforward. The front of the control panel can be snapped onto the mounting plate once all work is completed.

The control panel also comes standard with two inputs. Useful if the front door’s magnetic contact is located near the control panel. Additional cabling is thus avoided.

The keypad is only 2 cm thick and therefore fits any place.

Tags with your own logo

A reader for every application

A UNii control panel with reader comes standard with two tags bearing the UNii logo. Beautiful professional and secure tags handled by thousands of users every day. But it could be even better…
Because the tags can also be supplied with a logo. This could be the customer’s logo or the installer’s logo, for example. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities, we are happy to create a free initial design. This gives the UNii a personal touch.

Product specifications UNii control panel

  • OLED display

  • Illuminated display and keys

  • Modern design

  • Available with DESFire reader

  • Grade 3

  • Version in white or black

  • Autodetect

  • Dimensions 130 x 98 x 23mm (LxWxH)


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