For the security of government buildings

Governments can face threats and risks at any time of the day. Ranging from burglary, aggressive visitors and activists to terror. In government building security, it is important to balance safety, hospitality, aesthetics, accessibility and public space. Securing ministries, county halls, town halls, courts, water boards and other government agencies deserves extra attention. To secure them against burglary and fire, the UNii provides the right solution.

Cluster & redundancy

The buildings of government agencies and are different in nature and risk. The UNii fits into any building and expansions do not require costly hardware replacement. Also, the UNii can easily be redundant; normally the protection fails completely in the event of a problem or failure in the control center. Not at the UNii! Because of the redundant design, security continues to function as usual. For every risk and application, the UNii can be adapted!

UNii keypad

The keypad’s design makes it intuitive and easy to use. This makes it possible for anyone to operate the system. In addition, the keypad is equipped with a card reader that features the most secure reading principle: DESFire EV2. A reading principle applied at the highest risks. The optional 4-eye principle allows two people to perform switch-on/switch-off operations. Additional security that may be needed.


The UNii supports all detection applied at higher risks. Peripheral protection such as vibration and seismic detection, fence and wall detection can be connected to the UNii. Convenient features ensure that combinations of detectors result in optimal safety.


Of course, the access reader is also equipped with the secure DESFire EV2 reading principle. Uniquely coded tags or passes guarantee the exclusivity and security of the reading principle. In use safe, simple and reliable.

Integration for optimal ease of use:

In many cases, security does not stand alone but is part of a security management or building management system. The UNii is fully integrable with other systems. The status of the system or connected detectors are thus easily visible on floor plans and makes operation even easier. In all cases, the system continues to function autonomously, appropriate to the application and risk.


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