Access control and intrusion detection in one system

Of any security system, access control is a crucial component; it allows organizations to control who has access to their facilities. The UNii can be enhanced with extended access capabilities. One integrated system enables both intrusion detection and access control. For example, this unique integration prevents the door from being opened while the room behind it is protected by the intrusion detection. One system also means one code, tag or pass (DESFire EV2) for operation and one point of contact for technical support.

High risk? Then the tag can also be used in conjunction with a PIN. Very convenient is the use of the same card or tag for the alarm system. Use this to turn the alarm on and off and replace the use of codes. In addition to the UNii cards and tags, it is also possible to use those of third parties, provided they meet the high security requirements for the UNii variants.

The installer can easily program, access and maintain the system with UNii manager or UNii online. End users can also easily create their own users, assign codes and rights with both solutions.

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