Connect the UNii fog machine directly to the UNii bus!

With the UNii fog interface PCB, it is possible to connect the UNii fog machine directly to the UNii bus. The PCB is built into the fog machine, integration is possible with both M-series and F-series fog machines.

This has several advantages, The connection is directly to the bus and does not require any further separate cabling. The integration provides real-time status information in UNii manager and UNii online:

  • Overview of connected fog machines in UNii manager and UNii online
  • Activate the fog machine via bus and avoid additional wiring
  • Use the UNii’s macros to match the activation to the detection present
  • View real-time status of, among others;
    • Status enabled/disabled
    • Temperature heater
    • The liquid level
    • Last activity and number
    • Error messages such as voltage failure or too little fluid
  • Receive errors directly on the PAC and mySmartControl
  • Remote test-shoot
UNii-FOG Interface print


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