STid: UNii access control with unprecedented capabilities

By closely linking access control and intrusion detection. Does the Unii have the ability to integrate the two aspects with each other. The big advantage is that it takes the maximum load off the end user. A new step is currently being taken to support STid readers with the UNii. Support for STid readers will occur in the April 2024 UNii firmware release.

STid integration

User-friendliness will be taken to an even higher level in the area of access control. In which security is guaranteed at the highest level. The reading principle is DESFire by default, further the connection to the reader, in addition to Wiegand, can also be via OSDP. The STid readers can be connected via Wiegand to the door controller and card reader interface. In the near future, OSDP will also be released on the door controller. Of course, the readers work with the standard UNii tag.

The readers are available in three versions: A narrow access reader (ARC1S), a standard access reader (ARCS-A BLUE) and a PIN code access reader (ARCS-B BLUE).

STid Mobile

With STid-mobile, Users can now use their smartphone or watch (smartwatch Apple only) for access control by using STid Mobile ID®. With this unique feature, a pass is a thing of the past.

The STid Mobile ID® application digitizes conventional access cards and stores them on yourAndroid™ or iOS® smartphone. Digital cards and conventional access cards can coexist. The STid Mobile ID® application is available for free in the Apple Store and GooglePlay Store. A free digital map is available immediately after successful installation of the app.

In addition to ease of use, low cost. No monthly recurring fees, just a one-time purchase of a digital card. If the employee leaves service, the digital card can be revoked and then reallocated to another user at no additional cost.

In the STid Mobile ID® portal, you purchase the digital cards once. Through this portal, you can assign the card to the employee, who will receive an email of this. With this email and the installed STid Mobile ID® application, the employee can activate the digital card. By presenting the smartphone or watch to a valid reader, the digital card will be read. Of course, the access rights, which were previously assigned to the employee in the UNii, apply here. In addition to using the digital map, physical maps can still be used.

Many applications require first unlocking the phone and/or opening the app on the phone. Not so with The STid Mobile ID®. Users can present their smartphone or watch to the reader while the phone is still locked. If the application requires a higher level of security, it can be preset that the smartphone must be unlocked when presented to the reader. It is possible to enforce multi-factor identification by, for example, entering a PIN or using a fingerprint reader.

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